Veep Drinking Game

“The Things I Have Seen” or “Just Look Away”

Off with the seriousness of last week’s postings, and on to the original reason this blog was created – the men’s room. I decided take 30 days and actually pay attention to some of the odd things that happen here. Although, the weirdness is not at the same level as it was at Cingular, occasionally I’ll see some things that make me wonder, WTF.

Witnessed = Number of times in 30 days
  • Excessively wetting and combing hair = 4 (reasons why the counter is also a pool of water)
  • washing face = 10 (not sure why this is odd to me, I guess it’s because I wash mine on the morning when I shower)
  • Spitting loogie into urinal while peeing = 3
  • Rinsing out mouth with water from sink = 6
  • Guy wearing pink pants, tucked in green flannel, with loafers and no socks = 1 (it was just an odd wardrobe)
  • Brushing teeth = 4
  • Blowing snotty nose into the sink = 4 (ever heard of toilet paper?)
  • Humming to himself while peeing or pooping = 2 (I’ve posted before about people who hum)


Rooster said…
#1 Weird Bathroom Incident on my list is the guy who sits in the corner waiting, watching, taking notes on what everyone else is doing.
MGD said…
Not the corner, they have a bench against one of the walls.