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War = Good Business

What? How can war be good for business, we’ve spent over four hundred billion dollars on this war so far? We hear a lot about the cost of this war and statements about that being bad, but is it really?

First let’s look the soldier on the ground: We’ve always paid that soldier, we’ve been paying them to live in various bases and train for war. So that money doesn’t change. We are just now paying them to actually fight. We are however paying them extra pay, since they are in a hazardous situation. But what happens to this money? Most send it home to their spouses, who in turn spend it on living in the U.S. hence supporting business here.

Contractors: These people are being employed to do rebuilding, and other activates over in Iraq. These people make big bucks, not to mention various scamming off the top that goes back to the company. Plus once again, they send the money home to spouses. Plus since these people are overseas working, we have to fill their jobs here with someone, creating a new job and tax payer.

The war industry: Every bomb we explode, every bullet we use, and every Blackhawk that’s shot down, has to be replaced. This creates plenty of nice government contracts for industries that supply these items.

Medical field: Think about all the people who are only wounded over in Iraq. The ones who loose arms and legs, the ones who need various medical procedures and are sent back to the U.S. Someone has to build the replacement limbs. And many construction workers will be involved in remodeling of Walter Reed Medical Center.

Farmers: What? Farmers? Yes, even the local American farmer gets a piece of the pie. The senate is in the process of drafting the latest war funding bill. In the bill they have slipped “assistance for fishers and farmers, hurricane reconstruction and other popular spending projects.”

Back to the billions of dollars being spent: If we weren’t spending the money on the war, it’s not like we would be spending it on those items otherwise. When was the last time you heard congress propose billions for any domestic issues? But the money has to come from somewhere? Yes it does, and that’s the nice thing about living in America, our willingness and acceptance of being in debt. The national debt is the highest it’s ever been, but that doesn’t matter to the local citizen. As long as the republicans have a large enough voice, it’s not like taxes will go up to cover it. Yes, it does effect a few things like the exchange rate. But come on, should people really be traveling anyway. It’s a pain in the ass to fly and most of the rest of the world hates us anyway. Better safe at home buying those flags for the front porch.