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Bad Spam

Like anyone who uses e-mail, we have all received some sort of spam at some time. There are different types, the kind that tries to get you to open a link or file in order to install a virus. And there is this kind, the kind that tries to direct you a site that looks legit but in reality if phishing for personal information.

The thing that amazes me about this, besides the obvious spelling and grammar errors, is that people must actually fall for this stuff. If they didn’t make some money from some people at some point in time, people like me wouldn’t receive these kinds of e-mails.

So look kid, grandma, or whoever else falls for this; nothing is free, no one is going to offer you something for free on the internet, and never open a link in an e-mail unless it’s from someone you know, and even then be cautious.

Dear CM,
I am Dr David Owolabi, it is true that we have never meet each other before and I believe that this name sounds strange to you, do not see this letter as a junk or one of the Internet scam mails because everything I am going to tell you here has prove and evidence and we believe that only time will vindicate the just.
I want to know if you will help to assist and cooperate to act as the relative to one late Andreas Schranner's (a German nationale) whose money has been insuspence account in our bank - Union Bank - was aboard the AF4590 plane, which crashed Monday, 31 July 2000 into the Hotelissimo. Please,visit BBC NEWS for your conformation.

“Link was listed here” – of course did not click on it.

As a result of this the Board of Directors are about to place the funds "UNCLAIMAMBLE"and it has been decided that the funds shall be shared among themselves. In order to prevent this,some of my colleagues and I now seek your assistance to have you stand in as the beneficiary's next of kin.All documents to enable you claim this fund will be carefully obtained from the federal high court of justice.This Proposal is 100% risk free on your side because we will obtain a court ruling order that you are the beneficiary's next of kin. If you be interested and capable to assist, please, do feel free to contact me and send your telephone and fax number for more clarifications.

Looking forward to your positive response.

Dr David Owolabi