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Blogs for Jobs

I read a news article in the paper yesterday, about employers looking at potential candidates blogs. Since I read it in the actual paper, and I don’t feel like searching for it, I’m not going to provide the link to the story.

The point of the article, was about how some employers these days are reading blogs and based on that persons blog, they might offer them a job. Or in some cases, turn them down for the job because of the blog. The idea being, it provides an insight into that person, writing skills, hobbies, etc.

Since my job consists of project management in various tech fields, and with my contract ending soon at this one, it got me thinking that potential employers might come across this blog. Oh, what a treat they will be in for! Swearing, exclamation points, spelling and grammar errors, what’s wrong with large corporations, what’s wrong with politics, and what’s wrong with our legal system, this blog has it all.

For those potential future interviewers out there… If you are the kind of company that will hire someone after reading this site, you are the kind of company I want to work for…. Consider me hired.