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“Nappy-Headed Hos”

That’s right, I said it! You got a problem with that bitches! Political correctness in this country has gone way, way too far. So if you want to pull this blog from the internet, go for it. Google, if you want to pull the AdSense off the right hand column, go right ahead.

Just remember, for every over reaction to everything that happens in this country; it just moves us one step to closer to sitting at home alone because we are afraid to go outside; watching one TV station or listening to one radio show that is reading the same scrip over and over, because it’s the only one approved not to offend someone, somewhere, at some point.

Like Rush, Stern, or any other radio show, if you don’t like what someone says, don’t listen.


Anonymous said…
Dude. What got YOU so fired up today? This one had an extra helping of cranky.
MGD said…
Well, it’s not the “Happy Monkey Who Loves Everything Blog” for a reason.
Anonymous said…
But you have to admit -- it's got a ring to it.

I was just curious if there was something that set you off. You usually gripe at some specific thing or event. I'm just not seeing it.
MGD said…
Do an internet search for “Don Imus” or “nappy – headed hos” and read up on the total overreaction of the American public.
Rooster said…
The thing that gets me is that if roles were reversed and an African-American was throwing out racial slurs against whites... It would have been perfectly ok and no one would have cared.

This is NOT equality people!
Anonymous said…
Too damn funny! I'm so out of touch with the real news, I hadn't even heard about this. People just need something to point their fingers at -- get over it. Now, I've got to get back to being blissfully unaware. Life's easier when you don't care.