Veep Drinking Game

No Trashcans Needed

I work with a bunch of full grown adults, and for some reason a large number of them are disgusting scumbags. I won’t get into the personal hygiene for this posting, I’d like to talk about the break room. It’s a typical office break room, counter with cups, and teas. We have three fancy Starbucks coffee machines that grind the coffee for people. And since it’s Microsoft, we have large coolers with free soda, juice, and little milks.

The other day, around noon I did a count of crap on the counter:

6 open milk cartons
1 empty crushed soda can
1 wet paper towel in the sink
1 full cup Styrofoam cup of coffee. It had obviously been sitting for a while
Multiple plastic stir sticks scattered in the sink and on the counter.
Various sugar and milk spills
Coffee spilt around the coffee machine
1 open milk carton, on the coffee machine

Apparently, knowing that a magic cleaning fairy comes each night to clean up, means that people don’t have to clean up after themselves…. Scumbags!


Rooster said…
Hey, in all fairness - It's polystyrene, not styrophoam. Wait... that doesn't make it fair at all.