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Police Academy Dropouts #15

This Monday a woman was killed by an ex-boyfriend stalker. One of her co-workers is quoted as saying, “She did everything she could to put him away, meaning that she went to the police”. She moved, changed numbers, warned security at the place she worked. The guy even had a warrant for his arrest on drunk driving charges. And according to some statements, was wanted in the U.K.

The police during this whole time, were nowhere to be seen, as usual. I realize that a person has rights up to a point, but the guy did actually have a warrant for his arrest. The guy called her regularly and knew her work location. How freaken hard would it be to take a cop of traffic duty for a couple days and have him hang out at her office. I realize the city would lose a few bucks in traffic income, but shouldn’t “protect” be just a little higher priority, over “serve” traffic tickets.