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Police Academy Dropouts #17

In the never ending tales of what makes the police department a big joke, Detroit Sgt. Roosevelt Tidwell has been suspended with pay (of course) for allegedly forcing couples to perform sexual acts on one another, instead of receiving a ticket. Although I am one who believes in a person’s “innocent until proven guilty” rights, I do have issue with this person being compensated during his suspension. We of course don’t know the whole situation. It is possible the tape recording of him calling one of the women could be fake. It is possible the multiple people involved could be conspiring against him. But it is also possible, this all could be true. And this 12 year police veteran will get paid for quite a few months until his trial and conviction.

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Rooster said…
I don't understand why "innocent but unpaid until proven not guilty" isn't a valid option. Especially for something so leud. If found not guilty, give him backpay.

Or: Paid suspension, but if found guilty, he has to pay back the salary earned while being suspended, plus any charges.

Anyone ever think of these options? Of course not.