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3 Out of 4 = Bad

Back from vacation and first order of business is going to be the wonderful world of flying. I’m not going to talk about the long lines while checking in, or the joke known as airport security, I’m going to talk about flight comfort. Since it’s nearly impossible to get direct flights, we had to fly from Seattle to Denver to New York, totaling 4 different planes.

Plane number 1 – crammed in economy seating, I have a child sitting behind me who spends the majority of the flight kicking the back of my seat. I did say something to the father who apologized and followed it up with a half assed attempt at controlling the child.

Plane number 2 – They had the air conditioning turned so high that the old guy in my row had his coat pulled up over his head for warmth. Of course, they don’t provide enough blankets anymore, so the three people in my row hand to bundle under one blanket for the majority of the flight.

Plane number 2 – the return flight I planned ahead and wore a long sleeve shirt and brought a coat. As you can guess, they had the heat turned up so high we could barely breathe.

Plane number 4 – Other than the typical lack of comfort and screaming children, it wasn’t too bad.

Out of four planes, only one was a tolerable flight. And by tolerable, it don’t mean pleasant in anyway. All flights had at some point, a screaming crying baby. Usually at the point, they tell us to stop using electronic devices we normally would use to drown out the child. Only two of the flights had movies, and of course they sucked. If we wanted food it was an extra charge. If you got on the plane early enough, you could grab one of the few pillows or blankets they provide. And of course, the attendants could give a shit about any people actual concerns.

Where are the bullet trains so we have an alternative?!?!?!