Canidae, Good for the Pooch

This last weekend I was having a discussion with some friends about the latest round of recalled pet foods. I’d like to throw out some props to Canidae brand foods. I’ve been feeding my dog their products for a while now and have always been very satisfied. My dog is one of those high maintenance ones, that will get dry skin and scratchy reactions to the lower end foods. I started feeding her Canidae quite a few years ago. So when the recalls started going out, I had no worry about their products being on the list.

“CANIDAE Pet Foods also does not produce cuts and gravies, pouches, and does not contain corn, wheat, soybeans, or Glutens in any of our products or formulations, and all ingredients are of US origin, meaning proudly raised and grown in the USA”

If you are looking for something to switch your dog to, check out their products at the local pet store.