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A Long Year

My contract at Microsoft ends this week, and so ends a long freaken year. I might talk a lot of trash about the place, it wasn’t all bad (the money), but it wasn’t all good either, as seen by my previous posts on the subject (life at Microsoft). At some point in the next month or so, I’ll sit down and type up some details for any future Microsoft contracted employee to check out. But first, I’m going to take a vacation, a much looked forward to vacation.

For my regular readers, don’t expect the regular postings I’ve been doing this last year. For one, I’ll be out enjoying the summer instead of sitting at a desk. Plus, since I’ll be enjoying the summer, I won’t have as much to be cranky about. Don’t worry though there is always politics, the police, and a typical day in the life of the Monkey to keep me somewhat cranky. So check back weekly instead of daily for the next few months. In the fall, my funds will begin to run out and I’ll probably be back in an office. It might be at Microsoft, it might be somewhere else. It will I’m sure, provide me with plenty of fodder for crankyness.