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Police Academy Dropouts #18

A friend of mine called me yesterday to tell me another story about the Bothell PD. The school her kids go to, is putting on a fair. They figure it would be nice to see if some firemen and police want to hang out, and create good public relations. She went to the fire station and they totally volunteered to go down and hang out for a few hours on a Saturday. She then went to the Bothell police, thinking that they might want to have a K9 unit hang out, or maybe someone involved in the D.A.R.E. initiative.

Assuming she would receive the same type of enthusiasm from the police she did from the firemen, she spoke with someone about her request. The response as you can imagine was less enthusiastic. “If you want to pay someone, you can do that.” The officer offered. Apparently the fact that our taxes pay his salary doesn’t count. In order to get an off duty officer to come down, he needs to be compensated. So she asked, about someone just volunteering? “Well, they don’t really like doing that, they are kind of busy.” So she asked, “What about sending someone who’s on duty?” “We don’t want to take them away from their patrol.” Of course not, they might write one less speeding ticket, or actually spend a little less time down at the Canyon Park Starbucks flirting with the coffee girls and sitting on their fat lazy asses!

The lesson of this story – Next you see the firemen out with the boot, give a little. Next time you make that police officers cup of joe, toss in a little snotty ball with it.