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Remembering The Men’s Room

I was going through my e-mail this morning and I found this old posting I intended to do but never did. When I was at Microsoft, sometimes instead of posting while at work, I would e-mail it to myself to post later that evening. I must have forgotten about this one.

Today (11/29/06) I walked in the men’s room, and there are two guys using urinals, one of them is talking on his cell phone with one hand, and taking care of business with the other. I go to do my thing as the other guy flushes, washes his hands and leaves. As I’m finishing up, the cell phone guy gets done and leaves, with no hand washing. Which makes sense I guess, he probably didn’t want to get his phone wet. In this time though, another guy comes in wearing a suite and carrying a Coke can. He goes to the bathroom and flushes by the time I’m done washing. I was so distracted that it took me a little extra time. He then follows me right out the door, also not washing his hands and drinking his coke.

I always use the towel, I dry my hands off with to open the door, so I’m not touching the handle. I must been having a mellow day, because I didn’t turn around and comment on the fact that people like him are why I use a towel to open the door.


Rooster said…
Ah, how I have missed your great bathroom stories.

I like the new style sheet for your page. I might suggest changing the font color of the title. It's a little dark. It should be loud, to match your "I'm THE CRANKY MONKEY, BITCHES" attitude.