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Who’s Watching the House?!?!

Here is a little story for you. Imagine you were going on vacation and instead of taking your child with you, you decided to leave the kid at home. You ask someone you know and trust will take care of the child to watch him/her. Before leaving you make a statement that you will be calling to check up on them, and besides, you are a parent of course you are going to check in. you fly out and spend a day enjoying your trip. That evening you call but no answer, so you leave a quick message just saying you are calling to check in. No big deal, you will call the next day and no answer. As time goes on you are starting to get a little worried because, you know the person watching your kid does tend to go out and party, and tends to drive when she shouldn’t be driving. So of course you start to worry that your child is sitting in your house all alone. You call again and this time leave another message, basically saying, “if I don’t hear from you I’m assuming something is happened and will start calling other people.” - Still nothing. You text one of her friends, basically saying that you have heard from her. Her friend responds, I talked to her and she will be calling. And she does, everything is fine. Upon returning from your trip you find your house has been trashed, but your child is fine.

Now just to clarify for the purpose of this story, it really wasn’t my child I left behind, it was my dog. But for anyone who knows me, she’s like my child.

Anyway, after returning home and finding my dog safe and sound, cleaning my house because in one week she made it look like it hadn’t been cleaned in 6 months, I don’t hear anything from my puppy sitter. I assumed she would want the souvenir I brought for her in appreciation for watching the dog. It turns out, the reason why she hasn’t contacted me is, because she’s mad that I got mad about her not returning my check in calls, like I don’t trust her. As mentioned above, I totally trust she will watch my dog, and pay attention to the dog, I don’t however trust her judgment when it comes to going out clubbing all night and driving home.

In reflection I also know this person is a little nutso. And knowing this persons desire to constantly start arguments (ex girlfriend BTW) I can deduce her not returning my call was a way to start an argument. She knew full well that I would get irritated and assume the worst; after all I am the cranky monkey for a reason.

The moral of the story – Next time just have a normal friend watch the dog. Her loss, she doesn’t get my house to herself (she has roommates), doesn’t get to spend time with my dog (cute and fun), and doesn’t get to use the hot tub or pool.


Rooster said…
Wow dude... I guess you know to call me next time. I won't trash your place and I'll actually take care of your, dog.