The Dog Club

Having the summer off, I thought it might be a good idea to find things to do with the dog. I found a large dog club online. Having a decent sized dog, I thought it would be good to hang out with other big dog people, provide my dog the opportunity to work off some energy. The only other times my dog gets to work off serous energy, is when my friend Brad plays find the peanut butter (inside joke to the outside world). The first meeting, we met at a bar with outside seating, so people could bring pets. This would give everyone the chance to meet, then we could decide on doggy play days, hikes, or whatever from there. I left my dog at home, and so did everyone else, except for one person.

The guy who brought the dog, put no effort into controlling his dog. It crawled all over the place, it was shedding everywhere. Out of the entire evening, not once did he tell it to “lay down,” “sit,” or “get off that person.”

There was the girl who set the group up. She lives in a small apartment in downtown Seattle with two huskies. I’m sure the dogs just love that.

And, of course there was the girl with two pit bulls. Out of the group, she actually seemed the most normal. She actually spoke about the need to be the boss of the dogs. But then again, I guess you have to be in control, when you bring two pit bulls over from your village on Hawaii.

You would think, at some point in the evening, people would talk about something besides their animals. And we did, for brief moments. But for the most part, it was all dogs. It was like a bunch of soccer moms, getting together trying to top each other with how great their kids are. “Oh my dog has the most beautiful eyes. Want to see a picture?”

About the only thing I did like about the group, was our mutual hatred for little dogs; the dogs that bark, and yelp, and are completely worthless. We all agreed the only purpose for those dogs, is chew toys for big dogs.

On the plus side, the bar was pretty damn cool; good food, drinks, and outdoor seating.