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First Time It’s Love, The Second Time It’s 20 Bucks For Bob Allen

One of the great things about this country is free speech and the fact that I, a blogger, can take time to comment on the hypocrisy of our elected government. One of the great things about being a liberal is the conservatives and Republicans make it extremely easy, to point them out as hypocrites and ass fuckers. And by ass fuckers, I don’t mean it in the way, I say ass face, or ass hole, or even ass wipe. I mean it in the way that Florida Republican state congressman Robert Allen means it.

Bob Allen

Allen was arrested for offering to perform oral sex on an undercover male officer for 20 bucks. Not receive, perform. Once again, a Republican is arrested for offering or doing something homosexual. A Republican, whose party wants to constitutionally ban same-sex marriages, the party who spends more time and effort creating laws around pornographers than they do real criminals, and the man, who according to fox news sponsored a bill “that would have tightened the state's prohibition on public sex”, was caught attempting to engage in public sex. Oh, how I love America!