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“i’m” Not Surprised

For those of you with MSN messenger, you might have noticed the “i’m” tab in your messengers tab list. It’s some charity thing Microsoft is doing, “Every time you start a conversation using i’m, Microsoft shares a portion of the program's advertising revenue with some of the world's most effective organizations dedicated to social causes.” It’s not clear how the whole thing brakes down, but it’s easy to set up and doesn’t cost anything. And you have nine charities to select from.

On the Microsoft campus near the cafeteria they had some guy handing out flyers and barbequing in order to get employees signed up. They also have posters all over the halls in the offices.

I’ve been using instant messenger for years at different companies. As you can imagine I’ve got quite a few friends, former co-workers, and Microsoft co-workers on instant messenger. And if you haven’t guessed already by the tone in this post, not a single Microsoft person has set this up. Keep in mind it takes less than a minute. Multiple former co-workers and friends have set it up; but not a single, not one, not any Microsoft full time employees that I know, have set this up.

For fuck sake you self absorbed Microsoft pricks, there is a world outside of the Microsoft campus!!!!


Rooster said…
It's that Omnipotent Stick I speak of so often.
MGD said…
Yes it is, but I didn't want to steal the label.
Rooster said…
You wouldn't be stealing, you'd be contributing.