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It's News to Them

I recently read this news article (Airline passengers dissatisfied with service) about how, “Bankruptcy can be a wake-up call for airlines” and that some of the cause might have something to do with the quality of service they provide. United and Delta rated the worst. They obviously didn’t call me for feedback, as I would have said, “yes United sucks, but American Airlines sucks even worse.” I can’t speak on Delta, I haven’t flown them in a long while. The thing that gets me cranky about this is that it’s nothing new! Come on, anyone who has flown in anything other than first class, over the past 10 years knows, the service sucks. And “this year” Delta is focusing on improving baggage handling. They are not, focusing on providing decent in flight movies and baggage handling. Not, they are focusing on improving flight attendants service skills and baggage handling. Not, they are focusing on providing enough people at the front counters to get customers through faster and baggage handling. They are just focusing on baggage handling! Well, whoop de do! I’ll get bumped, be delayed, get rude service, but hey at least my baggage will arrive at the destination.

On the plus side, my favorite airline to fly, Continental was rated as a top quality airline.


Unknown said…
You have no idea how crap it is to lose your baggage, over and over again. United have lost my bags about 10 times in as many trips from Washington to Winnipeg via Chicago. They actually dont give a damn either as they have a call centre in India that is incapable of achieving anything. Sometimes the bags are lost forever, sometimes for about 3 months, most times for a few days, by which time I've left Winnipeg, shopped at Walmart and have never received one cent in compensation from United.I will never fly them again, ever!