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Thanks Comcast

I finally managed to get rid of my crappy roommate last November, and in the process, decided to cut cost and save a few bucks by canceling the cable. I realized that I spent way too much time vegging and flipping through the channels, when I could be spending my time more creatively. I was too attached and needed to break away. Besides, I still had a DVD player and a Netflix subscription.

In calling to cancel the service I pretended I was moving in with someone and didn’t need it anymore, so as to avoid listening to the keep me as a customer sales pitch. You know the kind; let’s make a deal, what it would take to continue service, etc. After hanging up the phone I felt great. I had set the cancellation date for that following week and was ecstatic. Soon, I would be spending my evenings practicing the guitar, or working on that great American novel I’ve always talked about, or actually using my brain in the ways they did back in the days prior to TV.

As the week timed down and the cancellation date grew close, I found myself canceling plans in order to sit at home and watch the television, even watching shows I didn’t normally watch. After all, I only had a few days left and needed to get as much TV time as possible before it was gone. I figured I could spend time with friends or being creative at home the following week.
As the workday went on and the expectation of my last night with cable began to loom I started to think of ways to compensate without the cable. I still had a fancy plasma TV that I didn’t want to go to waste. I could get a media center and attached it to the TV. I could get an Xbox 360 and use Windows Media Center with my computer. That way I could copy movies and shows to my computer’s hard drive and watch those. All kinds of great ideas came into my head, all of which involved expensive electronic upgrades, which kind of goes against one of my points in canceling the cable, saving money.

My last night with cable came and went, it was a good night and my final show = South Park. At least I can continue to get it on DVD

Unfortunately the next day I did the thing that many of us do, I plugged the cable wire into my TV to see if they actually flipped the switch…. They didn’t. The cable still worked. Damn you incompetent Comcast!!! I spent half the next day vegging in front of the TV. It’s now August, going on one year since the cancellation date and I’m still receiving free basic cable, so I want to watch it even more. I know I could call and tell them they didn’t shut it off, but come on, free cable, I’m not that dumb. I’ll wait for them to figure it out. Unfortunately, until then, I’m trapped in front of the TV, doing the same thing I did before, only with fewer channels to choose from.


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