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Police Academy Dropouts #20

I haven’t posted in a while about my hate/hate relationship with the police department. Here is an article I found in the Seattle PI (How far is too far for vice cops patrolling Seattle strip clubs?). Basically, a bunch of cops are getting harped on about being overly aggressive when trying to bust strippers. What pisses me off here is; our tax dollars are going to the cops salary, our tax dollars are providing them with the money for lap dances, and our tax dollars are going to prosecuting these people!

Give me a break, they can’t actually catch thieves and rapist, they can’t catch real criminals, so instead they go after easy targets. Plus, they get a lap dance out of the deal. You know what? If a stripper wants to make a little extra cash on the side, let her! Honestly, it’s her choice, she’s not being forced, and if people want to pay for it, let them. Big freaken deal!

I have an idea “Law Man” why don’t you get off the stripper couch, and do something useful! You know, like catch the person who steals cars then leaves them in the parking lot of my condo complex.