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Screw FedEx Up Its Corporate Butt

I’ve started to notice a pattern when it comes to having items shipped to my house, and that pattern is that FedEx is a fucked up company, that can’t do shit right!

I recently order some archival quality DVD’s made by a company called MAM-A, through Amazon. Amazon uses FedEx for delivery. The order was placed on August 10th. On the 22nd it dawned on me that they hadn’t arrived yet. I logged on to Amazon’s site then to FedEx’s site to check the status. On the 16th of August they tried to deliver but apparently didn’t have the correct apartment number for my condo. So instead of trying to contact me, they took it back to the FedEx facility and it has been sitting there ever since.

First of all, when I placed the order through Amazon I gave them the correct address. And when reviewing it on the site, they have the correct address. I’ve ordered from them before at this same address and never had a problem. So I’m blaming FedEx for this problem, because FedEx sucks!

I was able to call them, give them the correct number and get my package. Good thing I didn’t need it by a certain time though.


Rooster said…
I just had this happen with UPS. I think the jist of it is that if delivering is their business, you're fuct.