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Take this Corn Dog and Shove it

The food industry pisses me off sometimes. For example; if I buy a corndog and want to make some french fries with it, I more or less have to cook them separately. The corn dog has to be cooked at 375, while the french fries are cooked at 450. WTF people, can’t you geniuses come up with a way so that we consumers can prepare these items at the same time? It’s not like everyone in the country has two separate ovens for cooking! My options are cook separately, or set the oven at 400 and try compromise cooking, which usually results on the food not coming out right. So get with it Oscar Mayer and Ore-ida, set up a conference call and work this shit out. Oh, and the people who came up with 10 buns in the bag and 8 hot dogs, you do the same….