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A Tough Dilemma

So this friend of mine was telling me about this tough issue their family is dealing with. They recently found out that a person can only own so many vacation homes in the U.S. without being penalized by the government. That’s right, they are so rich that the government is getting on them about owning to many homes. I’m guessing the 6,000 square foot vacation cabin, for two people, they just built in Idaho must have pushed them over the limit. In order to solve this dilemma they did what most people do, they created a LLC and put a bunch of the homes in a business name. But it turns out this has created another issue for them. Since a couple of the homes are in a business name, they have to pay additional insurance on the house my friend lives in. I’m not sure why, but now they are going to have to pay an extra two hundred a month in order to keep vacation homes all over the country.

Stories like this sure make me feel better about my 1,200 square foot condo in ghetto Everett. Problems I don’t have to deal with.