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Any Straight Republicans?

Every once in a while I’ll get in a political debate with one of my conservative/republican friends, and they tend to act like something is wrong with me for being a liberal/democrat. And thanks to the news over the past year, I’ve come to the conclusion of what it is that’s wrong with me; I don’t like to have sex with boys in public bathrooms. Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a tryst in the local men’s room stall as much as the next person. It’s just that I prefer the person I’m doing it with, to be a girl and someone I actually know.

U.S. Senator Larry Craig was arrested last June in a men's room at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for… yep you guessed it, soliciting himself some gay sex. He can now be added to the ranks of Florida Republican congressman Robert Allen, and many others who have ended up in the news the past year.

Once again the party that wants to constitutionally ban gay marriage, arrest men who enjoy UFC fighting a little more than they should; turns out to be the party getting busted for following in the footsteps of our favorite 80’s pop star George Michael.

Cartoon by: Rob Rogers, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pennsylvania


Rooster said…
Hm... So, someone voted for something, then did just the opposite.

That would be a flip-flop. I guess that means he's a democrat now, which explains it all.

Here's my first question: If a Republican's actions go against what he previously voted for, in this case "soliciting gay sex", why is it considered a scandal? If a Democrat and/or Liberal's actions go against what he previously voted for, in this case voting for the war and sending our men and women to die in the war, it's considered ok?

If Larry Craig gets arrested for this so-called scandal, why aren't the large percentages of Liberals/Democrats in Congress that helped send our military personal to die held responsible for their actions? Pretty hypocritical I think.

My next question: If we are so undermanned in regards to fighting terror behind our borders as well as over seas, why does it seem that there is never any shortage of personel to set up people like Larry Craig? Just like a Democrat-controlled gov't not to have their priorities straight.

For shit's sake, what a waste of time. It's not like Craig was running for office again.

CM, I feel empty without our carpooling conversations. It makes my life a lot less boring!

- Shaking hands from across the political fence -
MGD said…
I totally agree. The democratic party these days is almost as big of an embarrassment as the republican party. I think the difference is, the democrats are like, “yeah this what we stand for today, but it will probably change by tomorrow.” As compared to the republicans who are like, “these are our beliefs and we stick to them.” So it’s no big deal when a democrat does it, but when a republican does it, well then it’s something.

In regards to the police not having anything better to do than sit in a men’s looking for guys who are into man on man action; that’s why whenever it’s up for a vote to raise taxes to pay for more police, I vote no.

And finally, in regards to the good times of carpooling, I’ll be back on the 24th.