Overly Sensitive Bloggers

I received an anonymous comment about the lack of crankiness in my paid advertisement of a posting yesterday. So here is some cranky commentary for you anonymous.

Have you ever tried to leave a comment on someone’s blog only to get the notice “pending blog owner approval” or something similar? I know I have, and it pisses me off. These insecure little bitches, can’t accept the fact that someone might say something they don’t like, so they have to check it first before letting people read it. And of course, if the comment doesn’t go along with them, they just deny it. I’ve found this often on political blogs, as can be expected. I found it on some chronic depressive loser’s blog, who probably didn’t want people to see all the comments telling him that, yes he should just end it all. And of course, I’ve found it on photography blogs, who probably didn’t want people to comment on the crappiness of their pictures.

So all you little babies out there who can’t handle some criticism, or someone who disagrees with you, just come here to The Cranky Monkey. Because on my blog, you can say whatever you want and I won’t stop you. If you are someone I know, I might respond in person with a kick to the balls or a bitch slap across the face. But for the rest of you, say whatever you want, because I don’t care.