Veep Drinking Game


I’ve decided to add a new word to my vocabulary; Republicrite. It really has to do with what a bunch of hypocrites the republican party is. The republicans often spout off that they are the party of fiscal conservatism, i.e. the party that tries not to spend tons of money on crap. Yet, under the last few years of a republican controlled congress and presidency, we’ve seen the national deficit go to its highest levels ever, and the largest increase in spending primarily due to the 200 million we are spending EACH DAY on the Iraq war.

It’s budget time in Washington and the democrats are looking to pass a bill expanding and existing State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which will cost about 60 billion dollars over 5 years. George Bush has stated he will veto this bill in an attempt to save some money. Yet, in practically the same sentence, Bush is requesting another 50 billion to hold the war over for the next few months, and another 190 billion for next year. When all is said and done, projections are that we will end up spending over a TRILLIAN dollars on a war that we started, in another country that doesn’t even want us there, yet, we won’t spend a slight percentage of that amount of money to make sure poor kids here in the United States, have access to health care.