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Volunteers Needed

Having this summer off from work, I thought it would be a nice idea to do some volunteer work... Because I’m such a nice guy. The first place on my list was the National Forest Service. This last winter we had some crazy weather, and I knew that quite a few of the hiking trails in the Cascades had been closed because of it. Personally, I hike pretty regularly and the idea of working outside for the summer, sounded more appealing than my regular job of sitting at a desk. I went to the website and printed up the volunteer form. After printing the 4 pages, I filled out the questionnaire. I’ve filled out less paperwork for actual jobs. After working out the cramp in my hand from all the writing, I mailed the form off. That was in May, it’s now September and I’ve never heard back. What the hell forest people? Next time my dog shits on one of your trails, I’m not cleaning it up.

I did end up volunteering at the Center for Wooden Boats. I figured I’d get to hang out around boats, pick up some fun skills, plus volunteer hours count towards boat rental time. This place did actually get back to me, and I’ve been heading down once a week. The job consists of sanding, then painting, then sanding, and some more painting. No new skills picked up yet, but at least I get some sailing time.


center for wooden boats? now they have their own center?
MGD said…
yep. and they are building another one on Camano Island