Veep Drinking Game

Crafty Janitors

If you will notice in this picture, we have a box. On the left of the box is mixed paper and the right is white paper only. Also notice, inside the box are two plastic garbage cans. If you didn’t know any better, you might assume that you are supposed to throw the paper into the garbage cans inside the box. But what you can’t see here, on each garbage can is a label. On one, it says cans, and the other says garbage. So what we have here are four containers with two being stuck inside the others. This is normally how this setup looks. So as you can imagine, since people are lazy we don’t bother to take the two containers out of the box. We just throw cans into one, and everything else into the other.

What is happening here is; as the janitorial service comes through the Microsoft office, they dump the items then stick the two containers into the box. After giving it some thought I figured out why the janitors are doing this. If the janitor comes into the room and has to empty four containers, then that’s twice as much work they have to do. But by prearranging it this way, and knowing human nature (I’m not going to separate them that’s the janitors job), the janitors have decreased the amount of work they have to do.

Screw recycling if it helps me do my job faster.