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DumbAss Democrat’s

The Seattle PI posted a survey done by the University of Washington on how some of our local Seattle initiatives are doing. The first one on the list is Prop 1. The transit package that will drastically increase our taxes, while providing nothing useful in return. According to the poll, 43% of those surveyed are leaning toward a Yes vote, with 46% leaning towards no. Yes, I’m glad the no votes are ahead but it’s by way to narrow of a margin. The sad part that unfortunately doesn’t surprise me is; “The transit package runs well among Democratic voters, and holds a narrow 47-43 lead in King County. But Republicans oppose it by a two-to-one margin, and Pierce and Snohomish County voters are going against the measure by a 49-37 margin”. It’s not often that I agree with Republicans, but when I do it’s usually on issues of finance. So all you Dumbacrat’s who are thinking about voting for this, smarten up, stop doing what the TV commercial tells you, and vote no. It’s a bad tax increase, and what we get isn’t worth the cost.


Rooster said…
Do I have to give credit to myself for your use of "Dumbacrat"?
MGD said…
Yes because I'm sure as hell not going to give you credit for it.