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Paint, Plumbing, and Carpet

Here’s something odd; Microsoft, a company that can afford to pay 10 people to do the job of 1, and can afford to paint and re-carpet the offices in my building for no reason, can’t afford a plumber. One of the urinals in the 3rd floor men’s room has been broken for a week. The water to the 3rd floor apparently comes from a low level water heater, because it’s pretty much always cold. One of the sinks on the second floor men’s room doesn’t shut off. And pretty regularly, the kitchen sinks are out of order. Obviously the building has plumbing issues. So being a logical person, I would think instead of painting all the offices the same color, and replacing the carpet that doesn’t need to be replaced, they could spend that money on having the plumbing redone properly. But hey, what the hell do I know, I only work here. I’m sure the person responsible for facilities, has never even been to this building.


Rooster said…
It makes me wonder if you ever leave that bathroom. Do you just sit on that bench and watch for things that piss you off?

If this is the case, that is quite simply awesome because you are getting paid for it.
MGD said…
Imagine if I actually did sit and watch the happenings. I could write a book.