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I’ve been using Windows Vista for about three weeks now and so far, I’d have to say... It sucks!

My company provided a high speed fancy IBM laptop, which is supposed to keep up. It has tons of ram and a super fast processer. Well it doesn’t keep up. I don’t blame the laptop, I blame Vista. I'd bet if it had XP on it, it would probably run like a dream.

So for those of you thinking about upgrading, here are some of the things I hate about it:

It’s SLOOOOW: When powering on my laptop in the morning I usually start it up, go to the break room, get some coffee or tea, walk back to my office, and it’s only about half way through the startup process. This is easily my number one complaint. I've even removed a bunch of the startup crap in an attempt to reduce the startup time. It helped… a little… I think.

It freezes up a lot: Whenever it’s in the process of trying to figure something out, the screen fades, and the spinning circle (formerly hour glass) hits the screen and I can’t do anything. On my XP home computer, depending on what the issue is, I might be able to open a browser and surf the net while it resolves whatever the problem is, in word or whatever other program I am using. On Vista it pretty much locks me out of everything. And a spinning wheel seems very appropriate for this product.

Compatibility: Actually this hasn’t been an issue for me, since I use it for work, which is at Microsoft. I’ve read enough on this happening to others, and I’ve decided to hate the product for this reason on their behalf. I will comment that last year when they launched Vista, we were told not to install it, due to compatibility with internal software.

Things I’m supposed to like about it but don’t:

Doesn’t crash to the point of having to power down and reboot: Honestly this hasn’t been an issue for me on XP, they’ve managed to work out most of the kinks by now.

Widgets: Big freaken harry deal! I actually turned these off to help reduce the amount of startup time. And when had them, I didn’t even use them. If I did really want these, there are plenty of ways of getting them on an XP computer.

Search Functionality: one of the big hypes about Vista is the desktop search actually works. Once again, big freaken deal! If you aren’t a total and complete retard, you can actually organize the crap on your computer so that you can find it without the search.

The layout: I know everyone loves the new friendly mirroring a Mac look of Vista, but honestly, I didn’t have a problem with XP. I knew where everything was, and I could find everything I need. I don’t care at all that it looks prettier.

On a site note; I have started using Microsoft One Note, and have to say I love it. It is probably one of the most useful programs Microsoft has come out with since Excel.