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Jack in the Crotch

This last weekend on the way out of town for a little trip, I was hungry for a quick breakfast, and swung through the Jack in the Box. I ordered a breakfast jack meal. This is usually a breakfast sandwich, orange juice, and those little potato sticks. After leaving the drive through, I start eating my sandwich, then got to the potato sticks only to find out that instead of the usual 4 potato sticks, they gave me 2 chicken fingers. We had two options as to what could have happened; one is the retard working thought they were potatoes and mistakenly put them in my bag, or they ran out of potato sticks and were sneaking in chicken tenders thinking people wouldn't notice. The second option is what I think happened. Not because I don't think fast food employees are total fucking retards and could mistakenly put in the wrong thing, but because Jack in the Box normally puts in 4 of the potato sticks and not 2. at least they could have been honest about it and offered me some dipping sauce. Because actually, I prefer the chicken tenders over the potato flavored grease sticks.

On the way back to Seattle I decide to give McDonalds a try. This time I ordered the crispy chicken club meal, this usually has cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. The only modification I made was no mayonnaise. I should have known they were going to fuck up the order when the guy taking it, was really intent on trying to sell me a Coke. And of course, it's not till I'm on the highway that I notice the massive dumping of mayonnaise on the sandwich, and besides that, they gave me the regular chicken sandwich with no tomato. Since the sandwich doesn't have cheese, it was basically a chicken patty on bread.

Like Pesci said in that classic Lethal Weapon 2, "they fuck you in the drive through!" Not through intent, but because they are fucking morons, who can't pay attention to the simplest little task of placing an order.

For those of you who feel my postings haven't been cranky enough lately, specifically "Deanna" I hope this one is up to the standard you are asking for. And if it's not; piss off you cunt licking cum dumpster! You and my scumbag, garbage collecting, overweight, bald, looser neighbor, who lives in his moms condo, can run off together and start your own blog at and make it as cranky as you want.


jade98155 said…
I never had any doubt you hadn't lost your crankiness. People like’s buried to deep to be lost.

Although the fast food stuff made me laugh.