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That's General Terrorist to You Scumbag

Here is a funny little blurb I pulled off of Fox News. Yes, I know, what the hell am I doing reading the conservatives favorite source of spreading propaganda? Just because, that's why. Now read…

Frequent FlierYou would think a retired general who fought in two wars — has four medals for valor plus the army's top medal for service — and has a top-secret security clearance — would not have much trouble getting on a commercial airliner.

But a Denver TV station reports Major General Vernon Lewis Jr. has been delayed more than 40 times because he shares a name with a suspected terrorist on the TSA's no-fly list. General Lewis has tried to resolve the matter by going through his congressional representatives and taking part in the TSA's Traveler Redress Program. He was even sent a letter last year saying he had been cleared off the list. But the next time he flew — he was stopped again.
Says the general — "My credentials are impeccable. It burns me up to be treated like a terrorist."

A friend of mine has a similar problem as the general. Whenever he travels, he get's pulled aside and harassed because he has the same name as someone who's on the terrorists watch list. This is just another sign of how worthless our airport security is. You would think, that in the process of profiling flyers, they would have taken into consideration that some people who fly, might have the same name as someone else, and how to remove that person from the watch list.


Rooster said…
You'd think they'd use SSN's on a watch list. That way, if an American citizen happens to hvae the same name, they can quickly reference that to ensure it does not match the one on file with the actual watched terrorist. If the watched terrorist doesn't have a SSN, then you have your answer that it's not the guy. If neither has a SSN, then let the battery-clamped-to-nipples process carry forward.
MGD said…
Amazing, it took you about 60 seconds to figure out a resolution to a problem the department of home land security hasn’t even gotten close to fixing. When I’m president, you can be my secretary.
unless he's secretly a terrorist.
maybe he just disguises it well.