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The Hand of God in Colorado

Another nut by the name of Matthew Murray went on a shooting spree in Colorado, going after people in a local church. But instead of reading about a huge number of dead, we get to read about a couple of badasses. The first is Larry Bourbannais. According to the story, as told by him, he was wounded in an attempt to confront the guy. He didn't have a weapon but as a former Vietnam vet, he wasn't afraid of a little gunfire. When the shooting started he ran to the room to where the guy was at and found a cowardly security guard, who was armed but not returning fire. Bourbannais did try to get the guard to hand over his weapon but the guard wouldn't do it. Personally, I think Bourbannais should have bitch slapped the guard and taken the weapon, but he didn't need to because Jeanne Assam a former police officer was there, gun drawn, and ready to use it. And God was with her, because she calmly identified herself, then shot the mother fucker.

For those of you who are for more extreme gun control, and banning firearms. This is why that is a bad idea. Because the only thing most gun control laws do is make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to get weapons. Murray would have gotten his weapons anyway, and even if he didn't, he could build a bomb, or who knows what. But, by allowing Assam to own a firearm, she was able to stop this guy before the killing got out of control. Think of all the other shootings that have happened, and imagine if we had a couple of people like Larry Bourbannais and Jeanne Assam at those locations, each armed and ready to take care of business.


Rooster said…
Man, I couldn't have said it better myself. It goes to prove the infamous t-shirt that reads "Gun control means using both hands while shooting" or "guns don't kill people, I kill people!" I think the latter came from Happy Gilmore,but it still holds the same effect.