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When Nature Interferes with Our Drive

the Seattle PI had an article yesterday, about the recent rain storm we had in Western Washington, and about I-5 being closed down. In the article they mentioned in order to raise the interstate through that area, so it doesn't happen again, the estimate is around 300 to 400 million dollars. And we all know, with the way the government works, if they actually do it, it will end up costing twice as much by the time it's done. Oh, and keep in mind, it's not like that money will go toward preventing any of the homes from getting flooded, only raising the highway, so we can drive past and look at the flooded houses.

Are they seriously thinking about spending nearly half a billion dollars to raise a road that might flood once in a lifetime. And the result of not raising the road is, that people will have to spend twice as long as they normally would driving from Seattle to Portland. Big freaken deal people, so it flooded. It happened, it might happen again, lets accept it, wait it out, and move on. Stop making such a fuss when nature happens.

Photos courtesy of the Associated Press


Anonymous said…
I like it when nature strikes and humans suffer. It is Mother Earth's reminder that she's the boss.
MGD said…
Or we could just give nature a bitch slap, cut down all the trees and drain the lakes, and show her who the new boss on the planet is.