Blame the Dumb Guy

Another fantastic example of airport security, and why they are a bunch of fucktards! A 53 year old man was carrying a firearm and went to hop on a plain at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport . He went through security and was ready to go when he remembered he had a pistol on him. Being the responsible citizen he is, he went back to security to report it. Instead of bitch slapping the security personal for letting him through, they charge the man with transporting a firearm into an air carrier terminal.

The man obviously wasn't trying to sneak the gun through, he was trying to do the right thing, he's just a old guy who apparently can't remember that he's got a gun in his pocket. And these fucking idiots, charge him for doing something wrong. These are the same fucking idiots who will take away your bottle of water, and pull you out of line for looking at them wrong, but can't catch a man with a gun. And finish it off with acting like he is at fault because they are fucking idiot shitheads.

Let this be a lesson to everyone. If you ever make it through airport security and realize you have something you shouldn't, just keep on walking.

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