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Maxed Out

I watched an interesting movie this weekend called Maxed Out. It’s a shockumentary about credit card debt and the shifty practices of credit card companies. I don't normally do movie referrals on this site, but I'd recommend checking it out. Especially, if you have a child about to turn 18 and enter college.

I will warn you it's very left-leaning, Republican, and big business bashing, but it's also interesting to learn some of the practices credit card companies use to weasel people out of money. And if you read this blog at all, I'm totally in favor of left-leaning, Republican, and big business bashing.

The description reads, "Maxed Out takes viewers on a journey inside the American style of debt. The film shows how the modern financial industry really works and tells us why the poor are getting poorer while the rich keep getting richer. Hilarious, shocking and incisive."