Veep Drinking Game

Mitt The Ratt

I just decided to check the current status of the elections and candidates, only to find that Mitt “The Ratt” Romney is the Republican front runner. What the fuck Republicans! Apparently the same Republican retards that helped elect the current dumbass of a president are now voting for this guy! Romney opposes just about everything I agree with, and supports everything I don’t. He opposes same sex unions. Opposes the “Fair Tax” law which would basically repeal income taxes, something McCain supports. I’m sure Romney goes to bed each night masturbating to the Fox News coverage of the Iraq war. And would love to completely take away a woman’s right to have control over her own body. He could care less about using stem cells to save lives. Finally, just look at the guy. Doesn’t he remind you of the uncle who really, really likes to play tickle?

I’ve been hoping that this election would boil down to McCain and Obama. That way come election time we would actually be choosing between two good candidates, as compared to the last election. But hey, if Romney does get the Republican nod, it will make my decision that much easier. Go Obama!!!

Check out this video on CNN and his hostile attitude when the interviewer tries to ask him a question about his religion. Is this how he’d handle questions as president?