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Nationalize This

By Glenn Francis (Britney Spears)
Since I blog about politics quite a bit, some of you might be expecting me to post on the Iowa caucus from yesterday. And how the guy (Obama) my super smart readership is leaning towards, according to the polls. But, I'm not going to blog about that today. Iowa is some crappy little red state, that shouldn't have nearly the sway on politics that it does.

What I'd really like to blog about is something way more/less important - Britney Spears. Last night Spears had the police called on her because, in a drug or drunken induced haze, she refused to give up her two kids to her ex-scumbag Kevin Federline.

You might be thinking, why would a prince of the blogosphere such as myself blog about such trivia? Why am I adding this to the ranks of the men's room in my office, or trash talking the local police force? I'll tell you why! Because this is further proof that we need to enact laws that certain people should not be allowed to have children, and in some cases get fixed so they can never have children. Fine, maybe at first we didn't know she would be such a nut. But it's obvious now that she is. And while she is in that psych ward, they need to drug her up, strap her skanky ass down, and tie those tubes. This woman should never be allowed to procreate again. If you are thinking that I'm leaving K-Fed out of this rant, you are wrong. That knob needs his shit snipped as well. The guy has way too many kids as it is, and should have had his junk cut after the first one or two, but let's not dwell on the past.

Obama, you are a smart man, and yes probably too liberal for this, but do it anyway. If you end up as the next president, make this a top national policy priority! Get those other Democrats in office to pass a law restricting the rights of certain people to have children, or at least have more children. If you need help in working out the details, let me know. I'll volunteer my time for such a worthy cause.