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Blue Badge Can't Hold His Coffee

spilt coffee
Image by Christoph from Pixabay


This morning, I was in the break room getting a cup of water. It was around 9:00 in the morning; so the room was pretty active with people getting their morning cup of coffee, tea, or whatever. As I was walking toward the water dispenser a guy was attempting to put the lid on his styrofoam cup. In the process, he managed to spill a decent portion of it on the floor, right in front of the filtered water dispenser. He quickly reached over to grab a couple of paper towels. So of course I assume he's going to use it to clean up his mess. As I'm filling my cup, I even stand out of the way to give him access to the spill on the floor. But like a typically entitled douche-bag, he wipes his hands and cup off, throws the towels in the trash, and walks out of the room. Me, being the cranky monkey that I am say, "you're not going to clean up your mess" and under my breath "jackass". Of course, he keeps walking.

Since one of my coworkers was in the break-room with me, I asked him, "so do you think he couldn't hear me, or he heard me and just ignored me?" my coworker responded with, "it was loud enough, I'm sure he heard you."

Oh what a joy it must be, at the center of the universe and know that some magic fairy follows you around cleaning up behind you


Anonymous said…
Dude, you need to start carrying a camera, or at least a phone with a camera, and start posting some faces. I can help if you'd like. We can get our own picture squad going on.
MGD said…
Yeah, I can see that conversation. "hey jackass who just spilt his coffee, stop for a second so I can take your picture to add to my blog, when I talk about you later"