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Forethought? Not in Shoreline Politics

Representative Maralyn Chase, from Shoreline and of course a Democrat, introduced house bill 2424 to the legislator this week. The bill would ban plastic grocery bags. Yep, the options are to buy tote bags, force stores to come up with an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, and of course paper. So, the consumer will have to spend money on a tote bag, which I also have to carry around with me. Or, I have to spend money on the alternatives, because as we all know, if the stores have to spend more on bags, the cost ends up going to the consumer. As in, plastic costs about a penny and paper costs about 4 cents to manufacture.

The statistic used to justify this bill is, that only 1 to 5 percent of the plastic bags used are recycled. Well yeah Maralyn you stupid cunt, some people actually use them as garbage bags, like me for example. So think about this, if I wasn't using the grocery bag as a garbage bag, I would buy a roll of them at the store and use those. The same fucking amount of plastic would end up in the garbage dumps!!! Do you know what else some people use them for? They use them to pick up dog crap. But apparently, the government doesn't care about that. So if they succeed in this ban, I guess that means my dog will be leaving quite a few more puppy presents for people when we go for walks.

Let's look at the main alternative to plastic which is paper. If we don't use plastic, most people will use paper. Where does paper come from? That's right, trees!!! Does the bill take into account the continued destruction of the forest? I doubt it. And what about the energy consumed to process and make the bags? The chemicals and energy used to recycle paper? Maralyn, you obviously aren't aware of this because you are a dumb cunt! Cutting down the forest is bad for the environment as well. Mmmm kay!

You want people to start recycling plastic bags more Maralyn? I've got a real simple solution for you. Start requiring that the city recycling accept the bags in the blue bins. You know the ones, they sit right next to the regular trash cans. The blue cans that accept all recycling except for plastic bags for some reason. Look Maralyn people are lazy, accept it and move on. but instead of fucking everyone for the lazy few, just make it easy for them to be lazy. Because most everyone, including lazy people recycle at home.

And to all my Shoreline readers. I know I've got at least one. Next time you are at the election booth and Maralyn Chase is up for re-election. Please take her complete lack of forethought into consideration, and choose the other person, even if it is a Republican.