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Go Red

Quite a few charities out there tend to totally piss me off. I've found that most charities don't contribute as much as possible to the cause. You might recall my recent post Reduce Carbon by Using Paper where here in the U.S. charities can get away with only providing 1% of the money towards the actual cause. I've also noticed in the past how many don't actually tell people where the money is going. Many of the global awareness ones do this. They say the money is going to fight global warming, but don't actually say how they are doing that.

This last winter I found the Red iPod that sends $10.00 per sale to combat AIDS in Africa. Recently Microsoft and Dell computers launched a Red computer, that $50.00 dollars from the sale goes to the Red charity. The reason I'm commenting on this is, I like the transparency of the company. On the website, they state 100% of the money is used to "finance health and community support programs in Africa." According to one article I read, 4,400 people die each day in Africa from aids, and the pills to help keep them alive cost about 40 cents. So yeah, ten bucks from the sale of an Ipod or fifty from a dell computer, isn't much to us, but when we are looking at 40 cents a day per person. It makes a difference.

Personally I'm not a big contributor to social causes, but when purchasing items, if I have the choice between the regular product and the red one, I'll be going red.


Anonymous said…
A world where rich computer geeks and rock superstars get together to help people is encouraging.