Mitt Tote

I made myself a vow that I would cut back on talking politics on this blog for a few weeks. Even I'm getting tired of the subject, and I'm totally into following politics. It's like a reality show, but better because it's scripted. Anyway, I just have to post another thing about Mitt the Rat. I was scrolling down and scanning through some of my old posts,( because they are so good even I can't stop reading them) and I noticed one of the Google ads on the side was for Mitt Romney 08 Gear. I just had to check out the site thinking that maybe I would pick up a t-shirt or something and use it as a cum rag for some late night masturbation. At first, I thought the site was some kind of a joke, some liberal hippie college students selling old republican gear to other ultra liberals. But it turns out, this is a Republican loving Democrat hating conservative site. not only can you get Mitt Romney tote bags, you can find buttons for Republican candidates no one has ever heard of. So anyway, since it turns out that the site was pro-republican, I couldn't support the company by buying something from them. But don't worry the search isn't over, I still might be able to find my Mitt Romney cum rag on CraigList or Ebay.