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A Bitter Week

I was thinking about my job this week and what a frustrating part of the Microsoft organization I work in. In the process of being frustrated and irritated with the management structure I deal with, I spoke to a few close coworkers. Only to find out that, I'm not the only one. I know big surprise right. I have one coworker who, like me, has no desire to accept a full time position within this group and is basically counting down the days till his contract us up. I have another coworker who is actually quitting, and today is her last day. She's not quitting because she has another job lined up, she quitting because she is simply tired of dealing with the crap she has to deal with on a daily basis.

When I think back to the people who were here over a year ago when I did my first contract with this group, most all of them have moved on. Some moved to different jobs within the company, some moved out of state, and I know of one for sure who also quit because she was tired of the BS, and just didn't want to work here anymore. Just so we are clear, I'm talking about both contractors and full time employees.

I know some people might be thinking, it can't be that bad, and in a lot of ways it’s not. I would still rather work here as a vender/contractor compared to working at AT&T Wireless as a full time employee. But having said that, it always amazes me, how a company can become a huge as Microsoft, yet have directors and upper managers who are totally and completely incompetent at their jobs. The only saving grace for me is, my immediate manager is actually a pretty good guy, probably due to the fact that he’s only worked for the company for about 9 months.


MGD said…
You didn't quit because you are bitter or hate the job. If you would have quit for the right reason, then I would have mentioned you.
Anonymous said…
We miss you Roost man. We don't have as many people planning projects that track the projects with no projects to track because the only project is tracking projects.