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Boeing Babies

I'm sure most everyone who lives in Western Washington has heard the news about Boeing loosing a huge military tanker contract to Airbus. The thing that is pissing me off about this, is every ones attitude about it. Everyone is acting all shocked about it. It's like, they can't believe that the government would choose a foreign competitor over the U.S. company. Even if the competitor is offering, "twice the size of the Boeing aircraft, providing more tanker capacity, more passenger space if converted to air transport, and more space for patients if converted to the aero-evacuation mission," according to the Seattle PI. Not only that, according to one story, the Air Force had 5 criteria for success and Boeing failed 4 out of those 5.

Look Boeing and Boeing supporters, maybe the problem is you went in totally expecting to get the contract, you offered an inferior product, and you fucked yourselves!

So here's my response to all people crying about it: maybe Boeing shouldn't have just assumed they were getting the contract and should have made a better offer/product instead. Now stop your crying.


Anonymous said…
And the fact that Boeing has analysts of government procurement make this even more sad.

Is the aerospace industry heading toward the same arogance and myopia that brought the US car manufacturers to their knees when the Japanese started shiping superior products?
MGD said…
They probably are, good call.