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Eliot on the Out, After the Old In and Out

Everyone else is talking about it, so I will to. New York Democratic governor Eliot Spitzer was busted this week for hiring high priced call girls. To be honest, the fact that he is paying prostitutes for sex doesn't really bother me. Personally I think it should be legalized, regulated, and taxed like everything else. But that is for a different blog posting.

Obviously his wife is to blame for this, I can only assume she's not doing something for him at home that he had to go elsewhere for. And unlike most of his Republican counterparts, at least he was caught having sex with girls instead of picking up boys in seedy bathrooms. The only thing that really pisses me off about this guy, is as a prosecutor he made a name for himself by going after prostitution rings. Which of course makes him a hypocrite! And if there is one thing I can't stand in politics, it's hypocrisy.

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Anonymous said…
Really blaming the wife...not that it surprises me but the only blame is that she can stand there with him as if it’s expectable to lie and cheat and not be a real man who respects his family.
MGD said…
Hmmm, let me guess anonymous, you must be female. Not only am I cranky I'm psychic.

Maybe she was aware of it and didn't care. Maybe she was like, " I don't want to touch your ass so go for it" Maybe she's a very open and understanding wife. Or, maybe it's because she had her own thing going on the side with the pool man.
Anonymous said…
LOL nice cover...but understanding doesn't have anything to do with open.

Good think your cute and cranky.
MGD said…
it's true, I am.
Anonymous said…
Not liking hypocracy in politics would make anyone perpetually cranky. Now I see where it comes from.
Rooster said…
"Should be legalized, regulated, and taxed?"

My only problem with that statement is "taxed". Isn't the widespread STDs tax enough?
MGD said…
Actually, if you look at Holland and the Amsterdam prostitutes where it's legal and regulated, the occurrences of STD transmission is less then here in the U.S. Over there they have to be licensed which requires regular checkups.

So we can accept that prostitution is the oldest profession and will always be around, and regulate it and make it as safe as possible. Or we can hold on to our conservative American values and leave it on the streets like it is now, use scare tactics like your comment, and continue to have the same problems we've always had.