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"Finland, Finland, Finland, The Country Where I Want to Be"

I heard about this story on the drive in to work this morning, and it is further proof why Europe is way cooler than America. It took me a while to find and validate the story, since none of the U.S. news sites had it.

Here in America if a politician tries to work a three-way with a couple of girls, he gets shunned out of office. In Finland if a foreign minister sends text messages to a model and her sister trying to work a three-way, he gets a, niiiiiice dude. Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen, was caught sending about 200 text messages trying to work a three way with these two sisters.

The best part: he was recently ousted in a tell all book by a former lover as having broken up with her via text message. Oh wait, even better than that, with all this press Vanhanen has seen his popularity ratings "soar".


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