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Management Trashes Again

One of the joys of working for Microsoft is the management. For example; one of the projects I was hired to work on launched a couple of weeks ago. It's basically internal software or a tool, that allows internal employees to request development changes to other pieces of software. It allows for prioritization, sorting, and a few other limited things. It's pretty basic but it does the job and people are actually using it. The main reason it's being used is that we designed it for simplicity. We were able to do this because, when creating it we tried to keep management as out of the process as possible. We had intended on rolling it out, and based on user feedback making improvement changes.

We'll, the tool has launched and at this point it's impossible to keep management away, and as expected they've started making changes, adding all kinds of crap and fields in the request form, and modifying the process. My prediction at this point is that the tool will be trashed and useless by the first of June. And if you don't believe me, another tool/software item this department created last year cost nearly half a million dollars to develop. It was never really utilized at launch, and has since been discontinued. Why? because management was involved through the whole design process.


Anonymous said…
Dude, I think that cartoon was a slide at last week's meeting!
MGD said…
not just last weeks.