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I realize that I'm not going to be changing the world with this blog. I realize that the majority of my readers are friends or co-workers. I also realize that beyond that audience, the majority of the people who visit this site are offended at the content or grammar, and usually leave never to return. Now having said all that, I'd like to think that this blog isn't that bad, and I do have a decent hit rate. After all , I'm sure it was my hatred of Mitt Romney that helped sway the republican voters towards McCain. And my opposition to a few new tax initiatives here in Seattle that helped keep them from going into effect. I'd also like to hope that my commentary on corporate America will help change the way companies to business in the long run, as my co-workers are promoted and move up the ladder to management.

According to a blog is created every half second, with over 1 million posts every day. And according to NITL there are about 3 million blogs in existence.

So I decided to start browsing blogger, and some of the blogs out there, and see what other people are writing about. And after doing so, I realized I don't give myself enough credit. And why the hell aren't more people reading this blog, because compared to some of the crap I found, I provide some damn good content!

Let's look at some of the other weblogs I compete with for readership:
Nate and Jess - "We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. For more information on our faith, visit" Do I need to say anything else or is the description they provide enough.
Hubbard Studio - "Oh, a photography site" I thought, "That might be interesting." Well it's not!
Nonsense or pinkchic0404 - on March 26, you can see a picture of a kitten with a stuffed frog on it's head. If it weren't on the head of a cat, I'd call it animal abuse.
(Most of) The Year in Pictures - A low quality, out of focus picture of some trees. It has an orange blur in the background of a train. It's "impressionistic". It could be, it also could be crap, depending on your point of view.
Breathemamabreathe - Look ma, pictures of flowers. like we've never seen that before, I can't wait for the sunset behind some mountains picture I'm sure this blogger is working on.
The Strong Family - "Lezlee, the luckiest stay at home mother, PRN ER RN and wife! Brad, the towns greatest dentist, father and husband! Luke, the cutest one year old rascal who loves trains, blankies and binkies! We are so blessed!" Awwww shucks, how fantastic is that. And look pictures of the baby, how cute, because everyone wants to look at your baby's pictures, I know I do.

I skipped past the foreign language ones, since I only read "American". And I did occasionally stumble on a blog that could be considered interesting, like the photography site SolJourneys. But for the most part, the majority of the blogs I looked at were as interesting as the ones I mentioned. So all you internet savvy, left leaning, pseudo-hippies, add The Cranky Monkey to your RSS feeds today. The grammar might suck, but at least it's interesting to read.


Anonymous said…
okay okay, I like to read the blog because it is entertaining and informative. Especially when you get crazy cranky (craznky?) and go off.
MGD said…
Yeah, like I'm going to go off on you next time I see you beeitch!