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Big Harry Baby Deal

Are we so starved for Britney news that we've reduced ourselves to lapping up news about a pregnant man? Oprah (the antichrist)Winfrey just did a show about Thomas Beatie, who according to Yahoo Buzz has recently become an internet celebrity for getting pregnant.

For the people who haven't listened to any news story, surfed the net, or been in public over the past week; Thomas used to be a woman and is now living as a man. Thomas still has all the female reproductive organs. So, why the fuck do we care? She took hormones to look like a man, that's basically it. She has small boobs, a clit enlarged to look like a small penis, and face hair. How many women who look like that naturally have kids each year? Enough to the point that we don't see them on Oprah. But just because this girl is now living as a man, she gets her 15 minutes of fame?!?!?! We really are turning into a bunch of ignorant sheep.